The farm has our newest member, a girl who came from a pig and vegetable farm in Maine. She even brought us all the flu. And since we are sharing a trailer, I was first to go down, and on my birthday! (I’ve even quarantined myself to protect others) But now we all have the bug in some way or another, and that’s brought us solidarity in a funny way. The hybrid swine flu in her system crossed with whatever dirty, fart filled air she was exposed to in the plane, and then mixed with the apparent sickness that’s going around the lil town we are nestled in, between the mountains converged into a trifecta of illness that each of us also gets to add our own personal spin too. But ironically, it really has bonded us. Disinfectant wipes are everywhere! And rest is upon us. I’ve honestly needed the rest. The 85 plus hours a week has put my brain in lizard mode more than I like, but it’s helped me get paid and purchase my truck, a 2007 ford ranger, 4 cylinder, manual transmission with no electronic bells and whistles. This truck will run forever. The lizard has also helped me start the upgrade process for my new truck, a few minor repairs, along with adding a spray on bed liner and camper shell for my continued travels. With my own vehicle again I’ve been given back a considerable amount of freedom. I’m once again able to travel freely and experience more of what southern Arizona has to offer. I’m also able to go to Tucson more freely as well. So I’ve been lucky enough to spend most weekends in downtown Tucson. After the Friday and Saturday harvest for the Sunday market, me and the farm boss load up our trucks and drive into Tucson that night to avoid waking up at 5am Sunday morning. Joe, my farm boss was born and raised in Tucson, he has many connections and friends in the city, but also maintains a relationship with someone and tries to spend as much time with her as he can. I’ve also met someone. A 25 year old hippy girl with dreads past her ass, large framed glasses, and a half pointer / half pit bull named Mountain Girl. (after one of the Merry Pranksters) She is originally from Boston, so we communicate great! She can handle all my personality edges extremely well, and is even able to throw them back at me, she is not your typically soft hearted, uneducated, dirty hippy. Her name is Lindsay, which is a shared name and constant reminder for one of the great loves of my life. And although I will have to be letting this Lindsay go when my adventure takes me to Yosemite, I probably never should have let go of the first one, but I now realize she was the only girl that I loved enough to let go, and she loved me enough to do that same. I could never forget her, and every memory I hold with her is a great one. But old Lindsay and new Lindsay are completely different. Both amazing and beautiful, but different. I met new Lindsay at a telescope bar on the night David Bowie received his constellation in the sky. She is a total artist, even teaches at a school. Her house is covered with art. She is a flame worker and glass blower and will be the first to tell you she doesn’t make pipes. She travels with her troop to festivals and concerts to put on tutorial shows for glass working, and they display large set pieces with themes and lighting, and it’s all pretty amazing. The troop will be displaying their Space Rabbits at this years Gem & Jam festival. It’s a pretty far out chakra balancing theme meant to amaze and inspire. She did most the glass work for the rabbits, while other members contribute with lighting, back story, and overall entertainment value. I was able to check out the gem show as well, because she is also a vendor for a friend, who was an interesting guy for sure. With a $200,000 ruby as his center piece and gold dipped human drinking skulls for sale, it’s no wonder why he carries a gun, but I guess it’s not that big of a deal, because everyone is strapped in the AZ. But still.. Interesting dude. The Tucson Gem Show is coming to an end, and the festival is almost here. New Lindsay has really helped me, and not just by showing me Tucson. I love her dog too, and miss mine terribly. Mountain Girl gets so excited to see me when I visit, we go on hikes through the mountains and she’s even allowed in most places downtown. I can not thank the 2 of them enough. They have been the best friends and guides I could have hoped for. I stay with them most Saturday nights, before the Sunday market, which is really convenient. I’ve been shown my value again, by a tough, hippy girl from Boston. Some people prey upon your insecurities and exploit you for never knowing your worth. She did the opposite. By essentially telling me how fun and interesting and unique I am. Not just with her words or a smile, but through her eyes, and excepting me simply as I am, with or without her. It’s hard to explain how she became a temporary muse for me, but she does inspire me, basically just by being the beautifully genuine artistic girl wanting to be around me, helping me re-discover another lost piece of myself, and pulling out the best in me. Another friend I have made is Yosemite Bear! He owns the next farm I will be going to in April. We email each other randomly to say hello and check in, he confirms my desires to work on his farm, although he is insistent that we do not work on his farm. Everything is for fun, for art, and for passion, this will be my first communal farm, with an Eco village and genuine since of togetherness. He reminds me of the beautiful things I will see in Yosemite, how the town is alive with music, art, permaculture, healing centers, and how there’s a festival or 3 every weekend once the weather warms. He tells me I’ll understand that I’ve landed in paradise once I arrive. And I so much look forward to officially meeting him and learning what he is able to teach me. I don’t want to get my expectations high, nor do I want to get ahead of myself in Tucson, still the coolest city I’ve ever lived in. But Bear will also be helping me start video blogging on the podcast YouTube page, as well as coming on the Gem City Podcast with me for an interview with Izzy, Bear’s backstory will come to light as my journey continues, and he will most certainly be another interesting, and notable person I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter during my adventure. I hope Yosemite tries as hard to keep me as Tucson does.