It seldom rains in the high desert of Arizona during winter, but the hoop house is my favorite place on the farm when it does. It’s like a giant tent! and a day with rain, can become the most relaxing time on the farm. Because the rain is so rare, it’s truly seen as a gift. Raindrops can make you feel comfort and help clear your mind. As far as the desert applies, the rain benefits the whole eco system. Most of the plants in the desert are built to defend themselves. Harsh brush, needles, thorns, all for protection. Water is life in the desert. And keeping it is self defense. Rodents attack moist roots and live under many growing plants. The farm has a 3 foot deep rock trench to keep them out, but it’s always a battle. Our cat, Johnny Ringo (kitty) did his best to murder as many birds and mice as he could get his claws on, but the struggle is real, even for a cat, and hungry coyotes don’t discriminate. Apart from the sadness shared from loosing a pet, the farm and myself see bright blue gorgeous skies ahead. I have officially bought a new vehicle (thank you insurance) for my continued travels, and have a very exciting homestead in Yosemite awaiting me in April. Until then Southwinds is growing strong, I’m extremely happy to be a part of it, and always will be in some way or another. We have 2 new farmers, a couple who rode their bikes to the farm from Slab City. (Interesting place if you’re into the migratory experience through an artistic nomadic life) and another will be here very soon. Southwinds is back at the Rillito Farmer’s Market after the break and with 65 plus vendors and live entertainment, things are really starting to speed up, which I love. The market even has it’s own pavilion to support expansion and their community, not to mention the Rillito Park historic racetrack, the birthplace of quarter horse racing, opening in February, my birthday month! As well as the largest month long gem and mineral show in the country happening in every hotel, parking lot, convention center, and under massive tents peppered throughout Tucson! Also the Gem & Jam festival, the last weekend of the show, which I will be going to for one of the nights! Tucson is amazing, but so has been my perspective. By maintaining a course, life will be giving back to you. Now that I’m working 85 hours a week, both in farming and steel, my blogs will most likely slow until I find my pace, and time for new adventures. I’m beginning to think a year in a new place working this schedule is completely doable, and desirable, and I totally see myself coming back to Tucson, but the life of a digital nomad has it’s benefits. And traveling while working is a big one. All I need is the Internet to intermittently send and receive drawings and transmittals for projects. Other than that, I’m able to work, and see the world. (Thank you God) It’s good to be writing again. Even if no one reads my blog, it still helps me. Plus I know my grandmother reads, and that’s enough of a reason for me. I’m learning so much about other people, how and why they operate, not trying to understand, rather to simply except. It’s like my moral philosophy now. The sunsets and stars I’m sure helped me find that place, as well as new exciting friends, and downtown Tucson. But A beautifully unique women gave me the spark to commit to my dream. And hopefully I helped her in some way I’ll never know. The meta ethics of life can be questioned, but never answered, because life is beautiful, and unknown, which is why it’s beautiful. Hiking through rocks and waterfalls and cliff edges surrounded by giant cactuses and mountains certainly gives you perspective as well, but sometimes I miss the types of trees I’m use to, even with snow on them, I’m thankful for the friends I maintain contact with who remind me of how cold it is in Ohio during winter! And I miss them too obviously. This trail I’m on has become something more. I’ve always been someone who works hard for the goal, but this is the goal, I’m living it. I don’t know how I did it, it certainly wasn’t easy, but I’m living my goal. (Thank you God)