The highlight of my New Year’s Eve was learning the removal process of 2 gray water tanks and 1 black water tank which were attached to the bottom of my new trailer. I laughed, I cried, probably for a few reasons, and I almost threw up about a dozen times. I never would have expected one of the best New Years of my life to involve spilling and cleaning up 3 weeks worth of an old lady’s smelly, runny dumps. From the looks of the trailer when it first arrived, her diet consisted of Doritos, soda, and cigarettes, which I’m sure contributed to the consistency of her stool. It was definitely a new experience and hopefully a notch in my belt that I’ll never have to deal with again. Although I will remember the sight, smell, and sound for the rest of my life. As the evening approached my hunger brought back my appetite. And yes, I’m about to transition from human shit, to delicious food.¬†That night I stayed on the farm. I made potatoes and butternut squash with ground beef, and fresh tortillas. I made a fresh spinach/swiss chard salad with feta cheese and sunflowers, with olive oil and lemon for dressing. At 15 minutes till midnight I grabbed 2 beers and took a walk into the desert. I climbed a small mountain and sat at the peak and enjoyed the silence. I’ve reached the finishing point for the year, but it’s actually my beginning. The 2 week winter break from harvest is also coming to an end. We haven’t been to the markets, and our CSA has been shut down. This is our winter. This was our winter, and it’s already over. The crops have recovered and we’ve also been adding upgrades to the farm, like the new trailer and another set of solar panels to increase our ability for production. The farm has actually been kinda quite. Very relaxing, but a little slow. For the first time during my travels I’m exploring loneliness. Loosing my love was a fundamental moment for me. And recovering from that has been as well. My head can be a loud place , but the moments I sit still allow me to grow. I’ve felt like the vegetables I’ve been sharing my solitude with, expanding my roots and reaching out to the warmth. In the weeks I’ve been watering them, planting more of them.. and protecting them, I’ve realized they’ve also been taking care of me. The recovery time can test you, but sometimes nothing is as urgent as sitting still, and done properly it heals you and makes you stronger. This will be the biggest year to date for Southwinds Farm, the solar addition alone doubled our energy capacity. Returning to the markets and beginning the work load is more familiar territory for me. My mind functions at a higher level when my body is moving with it, perhaps for me it’s the difference between making a living and making a life, and I’m ready to begin that life. The very act of beginning makes the conditions perfect. The recovery process has officially came to an end. Fresh new life is growing under my feet, friendships have been made and giving will come in abundance.