After I murdered the elk I had plenty to deal with as far as insurance. My vehicle was a total loss and I had a considerably expensive ER visit. Although during the crash while in the ambulance they cleaned and dressed my injury, and I refused a ride to any medical center. It was not until the day after thanksgiving that I went to the ER to make sure nothing was broken. This was a costly reassurance, but I was able to continue my journey with this knowledge of my health. My newest cousin was willing to take me halfway to Tucson to meet my newest farm boss, which made things easier while dealing with my recent situation. Lately I’ve been dealing with multiple claims and agents, both medical and vehicular. All things considered, the agents have been treating me great and are incredibly understanding of my situation with all its complexities. The 2 agents (the first, from a separate company, the second, from my insurance company) they sent to look at my car both told me they were surprised that I was unharmed, then shared their own horror story of the accidents that they had worked on. I was very very fortunate to be alive. I’m currently at Southwinds Farm, just southeast of Tucson Arizona, in the San Pedro Valley. Southwinds is an 8 acre micro farm. They are currently growing a variety of vegetables for sale in farmers’ markets in the nearby Tucson metropolitan area, as well as supplying CSA shareholders, and to a few restaurants. Activities at the farm include bed preparation, planting, cultivating and harvesting of vegetables, along with washing and packing for the market/CSA deliveries, as well as various infrastructure projects such as fencing, drainage management, irrigation system development, and greenhouse construction. I’ve been on the farm for almost 4 weeks now, it’s less than a week away from Christmas, and we have been working so much that I haven’t had time to do much anything else. With me also dealing with the insurance people, I’ve just been playing catch up. Things with them are coming to a close, and the farm is in upgrade/recharge mode for the next 2 weeks during the holidays. I have so many things in Tucson yet to experience. I love working the markets, the city is beautiful and filthy with trails and social activities. I was recently at the 4th Ave Street Fair and had way to much fun! We stayed at The Hotel Congress, a historic building in downtown Tucson built in 1919. They have a premier music venue and tap room inside the hotel, along with a restaurant and outside patio. I have been to Tombstone. (Ehh..) and Bisbee. Bisbee was great! Such a unique place, filled with artists and weirdos. I loved it. We supply to a restaurant in Bisbee, and we know a few merchants that work the markets along side us, like Soap & Sundry ( who have been more than happy to help me take care of my new growing beard. I have not shaved it since I left, and apparently it needs oil, making me more like the tin man than ever before. But we aren’t in Kansas, and I found my heart. As I settle back into my routine I’m reminded to be thankful for my life. The high desert is breathtaking both day and night. My options are endless, loosing my car freed me in ways I could not have imagined. Although Tucson will be my home for at least the next several month. I will soon begin working at LA Fitness again to help compensate the loss of my vehicle. Tucson has 8 of them and technically I’m still an employee. So after a long day on the farm, I’ll be able to leave, teach a few classes, hit the sauna, and enjoy a nice long hot shower! This opportunity will also allow me to network for the farm and met new people. Tucson is 1 of 9 cities in America with a gold status for cyclist, and I’ve already met a couple pros that visit the market, which happens to be right next to a major bike path, sharing a parking lot with a Thoroughbred race track. Be careful Tucson.. You may get to keep me.

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