Back in 2013 when I joined the Gem City Podcast, I had an idea of how I could showcase the Dayton Music Scene.

The Storyteller series is my contribution to this amazing music scene. I’ve been a fan since the 80’s. I’m honored to play a role in getting music heard that might not have other avenues.

The Storyteller episodes feature the artists presenting and discussing each three songs, their origin story, memorable shows, influences, and what’s in a name.

I take time to record and produce each of these podcasts. 2015 was amazing. Here’s the list and the time stamp when they appear.

4:34 Manray- Atomizer

8:58 Motel Beds- 4 AM

14:55 Good English- Lions Kiss

22:39 Swimming With Sharks- Friday Night Fights

27:35 Nightbeast- King of Party Castle

31:56 Juxtapoze- Neptune

38:05 KNOXX- Crawl Space

42:19 God Bless and Asher Jones- Get That Outta Your System

53:47 Dark Backward- Storm of the Century

1:03:15 The Loveless- Devoured By Ants

1:08:36 Grand Mammoth- Foggy Cauldron

1:17:03 Cricketbows- All The Way Down

1:24:45 M Ross Perkins- Humboldt County Green

1:28:15 McGuff and the Dumpster Fires- Tin Soldiers

1:35:34 The Great Wide Open- Oh My, My

Outro- Cricketbows- Amanita Holiday (Christmastime Sure Looks Weird This Year)
Recorded, Produced, and Hosted by Izzy Rock

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Call the voicemail: 937-265-2024

Recorded at Folio Design Haus at 411 East Fifth Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402