I’ve been getting the best sleep of my life, my internal clock has joined with the sun. I wake up with the sun shining on my face, I go to bed after my night time meditation, star gaze smoke session. Most mornings I slowly wake up, go to the kitchen, grab a bowl of oatmeal mix, (it’s awesome and will defiantly be another upgrade for me as I travel) throw in some raw honey, maybe cut up an apple or banana, and prepare myself for Arvo’s morning lesson plan. He literally teaches us whatever we want to know about permaculture and sustainability. We sit at the kitchen table and learn, he shows us his systems and why they work for him, and which designs will work best for all possible situations. He teaches us for about an hour a day, plus the experience we gain from working within his system. But sadly my time at Cielo Isla is coming to a close, although I will be staying in contact with Arvo and Mallory and hope to return to keep learning from their “well” of permaculture and sustainability knowledge. It scares me sometimes to be so far from self reliance, what Arvo has begun to teach me not only makes me less dependent on the grid, it makes me want it less as well, by showing me the simple complexities of solar, bio gas, and alternative building I am no longer intimidated by it. I am far from the peak of complete knowledge is these areas, but my path has been set and I will continue to go forward. They also taught me the how and the why in loving this way of life. I’ve been shown the illusion of the conformed life, in all its forms. To choose a life built on sustainability rather than consumption is not only beneficial to you, it benefits everyone. And taking that step is as easy as going to your famers market and talking with local vendors. As I learn clarity on how to support my life, I am also learning how to live that life. I am happier with an objective in my life. I love the wonder of this earth, but I’m not wandering it. You can be a jelly fish, unable to control your direction, or enjoy your seat on top of the food chain. I try to fill myself with love, light, energy, and a sense of adventure while having goals and meaningfulness as my fuel. As I leave northern New Mexico and head south I have several stops planned along the way. The forms and locations of my goals may change, but their meanings will never waver; Experience the most beautiful places in the United States and learn how to live off them, all while finding a life worth growing roots in, a home.. filled with wonder.

“In every walk in nature, one receives far more than he seeks” – John Muir