Cielo Isla is a farm located in Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico. They are off the grid with solar and wind electric systems, solar hot water, bio gas (from manure), masonry wood stoves, and greenhouses. They grow lettuce greens, cooking greens, beets, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and pretty much anything that will grow in this dry mountain desert climate. Cielo uses outdoor gardens in the summer and greenhouses year round, and durning the winter. They ferment kim chi, yogurt, cheese, tempeh, and bake bread. You can find goats, rabbits, chickens, geese, dogs and cats on the farm. Cielo builds with natural materials as well, using pumice, wood, mud, and straw. Green energy and alternative construction are also part of daily activities. They are currently building a wood fired oven to be constructed in the baking and brewing center, as well as building another house, with pumice and mud bricks, Cielo Isla is ran by Arvo and Mallory, Mallory is a teacher while Arvo seems to be the number one draft pick for any “end of the world” scenario. My head is spinning. My adventure just keeps getting better and teaching me more. Located at the foothills of the Rio Grande, Cielo Isla is completely surrounded by beautiful wilderness. Rivers, lakes, hot springs, 11,000 feet mountains, valleys, canyons, and all I have to do for unlimited hiking and fishing is walk out of my bedroom greenhouse door. The ground is rocky, the climate is dry, wild animals are everywhere. Deer, elk and rabbit are your most common types of game. This place is incredibly interesting, and completely self sufficient. I’m learning solar. It’s basically like hooking up a car battery, 80 to 100 times. They have many solar panels throughout the farm, but most of them are concentrated in one area, close to the pump house, which also controls and stores their water. The pump house building is another complete greenhouse, mostly used for lettuce. This room can also triple as a bedroom, if you don’t mind sleeping with all the batteries. They even have a pet (wild) raven, his name is Chaco, he is a big bird, he comes into parts of the house, Arvo has a connection with Jago. This bird will even sometimes follow us to other farms within the canyon just like a dog, sorta. The mountain desert is different from the mountain forest. And Cielo Isla is different from Juniper Hill, my previous farm. The differences are adjustable and can only teach me more. As I get acclimated to this homestead I will discover and learn, but I can already feel that my body operates better in this desert climate. And the stars at night aren’t just above you at Cielo Isla’s altitude, their in front of you. Impossible to miss, daring you to Reach for them.image