Before driving west I needed to stop back around Dayton in order to fly out to St. Pete, Florida for My brothers wedding. I saw a few friends, but mostly kept my head down and packed up, while adding my new upgrades for my journey west. Since I had an extra god damn plane ticket from a broken past with someone I use to know, and my friend Laura had only been to Florida once when she was around 13, I decided to bring her along. She also knew that I didn’t want to be alone at a wedding, watching a bride walk down an isle, knowing how badly I’d be missing the girl that was suppose to be my bride. So I had my moral support, I had my brothers happiness to celebrate, and I had my family, and my new family all around me. The support, and the adventures we went on together around the beach kept my spirits high and my compass pointing forward. The weather was perfect, family and friends were abundant, and nothing but good times were ahead. On our first day there we settled into the house we would be staying at, just a few blocks down the beach from the hotels the majority of the wedding party was at. I met many new relatives, and as I took in hugs and positive energy from them I felt genuine expectance from Katie’s (my brother’s wife) family. I had not been around a group of positive people like that since I left the podcast. It helped remind me of 2 things: The importance of having quality people within your life, and respect for family. The time in Florida was only a few days, so I tried to make the most of it. On our first night, after that first arrival rush, we took a 2 hour walk down the beach, in the moonlight, under the stars, during a comet shower. Yeah… Pretty spiritual for sure. On our second night the wedding party took a dolphin cruise, with a keg of beer, good food, and a spectacular view. Funny story though… The dolphin cruise we took accidentally murdered a dolphin about a year ago. It was in the news paper’s, people saw it, pretty terrible I’m told. The boat was reversing back into the dock, a dolphin got chewed up and rolled to the surface where it floated, spinning.. while ice cream cones melted from screaming children’s trembling hands. Graphic for sure. Anyway.. The boat left from the local boardwalk where there was a sea food festival going on, which had more than enough entertainment to keep the thousands of people happy. After the cruise we spent a bit more time at the festival, then made our way back to the hotel, the tiki bar, and the beach at night. The beach is the perfect place for reflection, both day and night. The infinite grains of sand still can not complete with the number of stars above our heads at night. The night time brings a unique calm over you, the ocean is more sound than sight while under the moonlight. And as the waves crash against the beach and back into the sea, the culmination of that Beauty flows into you, and the stresses of life exhale away from you. The highlight of this wonderfully amazing celebration of John and Katie’s Union still has to be seeing my little sister Genni, who also lives with my father and step mother in that area. The wedding and everything about it was fantastic. Seeing my father and mother was equally great. But my little sister is the most important person to me. I suppose caring about a younger sibling is comparable to caring about a child… Or as comparable as I’m willing to get. Florida has infused the center within myself I re-discovered while in the Adirondack wilderness with the stability of having a positive family behind me. My pleasure in life has been fully restored, time to add more flavor to this adventure. I’m on my way to New Mexico, the Rio Grande, and the great unknown. As I relearn and upgrade my own system, I realize finding peace is my next mountain, and lastly love. If it takes me 2 years to finish my journey of self sufficiency and completeness then so be it. Whatever it takes to get me to the summit of life, and I’ll need love, as my brother and Katie have, to reach the peak. Reset, energize, go forward, blast off.