Sustainability is great, but the grid is still a nice place to stay connected to, just not dependent on. When I’m finished with my journey, if I ever finish my journey, I hope to find myself in a life where I’m working a job I love, possibly back in the steel industry, and farming a few acres of land with my closest friends. My dream is not to become a farmer, my dream is to learn how to farm at a level I can apply to my future. And since I’m technically living my dream, I’m going to fly. I’m going to make this dream last. National parks, state parks, big cities, small ghost towns, caves, waterfalls, mountains, the stars… every scene and landscape I can experience, I will. But while my travels are just beginning, I’m learning about modifications to my inventory. I have consolidated all my farm/work clothing and transferred them from the plastic bins into a duffle bag specifically for working. This simple mod will be efficient because while I’m committed to a farm, it’s easier to keep clothes separate. Dirt and dust get everywhere, you wash yourself, and your clothes about once a week, unless you’re particular dirty. And the ability to keep and organize space will effect the pace of my adventure. This upgrade has also opened up a bit more space in my plastic bins, which makes it easier to find an outfit on the days I’m not lost in the wilderness. Another big upgrade was getting back one of my iPads from my family at The Gem City Podcast. One of them went a little buggy about a year ago, so I replaced it, but still kept the old one. I originally wanted to be as disconnected as possible from technology, but after 10 blogs on an iPhone, I quickly realized a larger screen with a keypad would streamline my blogging. And in those moments I choose to connect back to the grid for some Bob’s Burgers on Netflix, the iPhone can not compete with the iPad. My final upgrade is simple, although my grooming is extremely minimal while I’m in the wilderness, and I have no problem allowing my beard to get out of control, my neck line is a different matter. After a couple weeks the stubble on my neck gets itchy and uncomfortable. A small mirror will quickly fix this, and prevent me from hacking up the glorious beard I’ve been growing.
These are the first revisions to my adventures, and hopefully the last. If I can maintain my traveling and camping techniques while increasing my pace I should be able to magnify the mystery of this marvelous experience.