There are many animals at Juniper. But only a few dozen or so have made it outside the fence line and settled into a more human like existence, if there is such a thing. Eventually all these animals will be harvested, but the ones that interact with people more regularly are usually friendlier (or perhaps just hungrier) which may extend their life. A particular rooster likes to hang out near my cabin. After work we watch the sunset together and eat left over lunch for dinner. His chicken head shows up now and again, but he usually runs her off. Chickens and turkeys are everywhere as well, but me and the rooster are particularly close. He eats from my hand and stands right next to me often while I sit. I’m sure his tiny reptile brain isn’t sharing the bond we have. But at least I feel it. And this journey is all about feeling again. I’ve also been trying to befriend a lil goat they have running around. He’s pretty adorable. But only slightly curious about my existence…. I just realized something. I’m talking about my friends and trying to get to know them, and their all farm animals. Yikes.. The people here are just fine. Truly. But I didn’t exactly go on a road trip alone without the ability to enjoy being alone. Or enjoy a few sunsets with a rooster. Who I would totally eat.