Our 7th annual Eichelberger FilmDayton Festival showcases the art, craft and business of film. By showing locally connected films, the “best of the fests”and great short and feature films submitted from across the country and around the globe!
FilmDayton is building a film industry in Dayton. We promote Dayton filmmakers, attract
productions to Dayton, provide professional training, present the annual FilmDayton Festival and teach kids how to make movies.
OUR MISSION: Fostering the growth of our regional film industry and audience. What is FilmDayton?

FilmDayton is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to building the Dayton
region’s film community. We bring together local filmmakers, students and fans at monthly “Film
Connections” meetings. We promote and support film events in the Miami Valley. We are
building an infrastructure to encourage new film making in the Dayton area. FilmDayton
originated from the DaytonCREATE effort to foster the growth of the “creative class” and
strengthen the local economy.
Lisa Grigsby
David Temmesfeld