Owned by Jesy Anderson and Tracy McElfresh, Sew Dayton is a fun new sewing shop located in downtown Dayton, Ohio with a modern style and a pinch of vintage inspirations. It’s not your grandma’s traditional sewing store but she would still love to shop here!

Our Dayton, Ohio community has an amazing group of emerging crafters and artists. Dayton is thriving with creativity and it’s exciting to see the arts develop in our community. With all this talent you might be surprised to know that Dayton, Ohio is missing a place for people to learn how to sew! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced level sewer, there is a need for a space in Dayton that offers private lessons, group classes, high quality fabrics & notions, modern & vintage patterns and knowledgeable staff.

Sew Dayton is dedicated to helping clients solve problems and answer questions about sewing projects of all levels at any step in the process. Our goal is not only to be a great resource for all sewers but to offer sewing materials you can’t find anywhere else. Sew Dayton will stock both modern and vintage fabrics which is lacking in our area. If you’re looking for materials that are on target with current trends, then Sew Dayton is your store!

Core Values at Sew Dayton:

· Customers and clients should be treated like family.

· Every customer is welcomed with a smile (and a hug)!

· We gladly help all clients no matter the size of the project or the experience of the sewer.

· Your projects are important to us.

· Customer service is a top priority. We will take time to listen and understand your needs.

Sew Dayton is passionate and energetic about the art of sewing. We are excited to share our knowledge with others and we are dedicated to our community and to the success of arts in Dayton.

Sew Dayton

261 Wayne Ave, Dayton, Ohio 45402