Everything I own can fit in my vehicle. I’ve never been this free. I’m free to wreck or reward my life, it’s a reset in life. Farm life is constant but generally stress free. It’s complex, but simple. When you finish, you’re done. No business calls or emails from contractors, no office or shop stress, most things just flow. Office stress is generally a more fast paced and competitive constant rush. Farm stress is more of a slow churn of constant work. People count on you either way. But where office stress can cause you costing a company money, or breaking deadlines and having those uncomfortable conversations with clients while you are already so overloaded with projects because the schedule is designed to generate more than it can handle. Farm stress is more natural, and has none of those things. The humility of the work is its own reset, and the changing seasons promise a new evolving experience every year, and with a different applied skill and work set.The farm has a complex brain system which causes it’s function, but it’s easy to forget that in the monotony of chores and tasks. Without the farmer, the farm hands might as well be chickens.

The timing and ability to adapt with the crops while cycling through multiple fields and greenhouses, as well as staying ahead of the coming season is essential. And down time means upgrade and building projects. With so many activities constantly being worked on, you can become a collector of sorts. I’m sure it starts with tools, but throughout the property on Juniper Hill Farm, you can find almost anything you need, or at least Macgyver could. Ironically a farmer has more possessions than any 5 people. A farmer is not immune from ego either, although the weeds and roots of the ego in those moments often gets buried with the seeds you are planting that day. Or the ego finds joy in the day and gets lost while picking fruits and vegetables. But you can still be eating lunch during the work week on a farm, and see three people at the table with their mobile phones. Wifi in the kitchen is alive and well. Even I enjoy some Netflix Bob’s Burgers on my phone before I go to bed on random nights.

No lifestyle is immune. Granted, a farmers life plants you directly inside a very meaningful growth, but having a skill or ability to get a well paying job anywhere you like is incredibly important for growth as well. With that, never allow any place to be an anchor to you. Destroy the root system and move forward. Don’t be afraid to plant yourself in another field, all cities in their respective sizes are basically similar, with regards to climate and locations. So decide the type of “fruit” you wish to produce, and squeeze all the juice you can out of life. In most cases I’ve found that “fruit” to be love. It still appears all anyone, even a farmer wants is someone to love. Someone to make any job you do all day worth it. Is the greatest reason for living love? Is not what we do, and who we do it with, which gives us our balance and character? Because at the end of the day, in those scarce moments after work, the person next to you will be the catalyst for the person you will become. I’ve spoken with many couples before and during my travels. Ive heard them both tell me how envious they were of me for going on these adventures. My answer is always and will always be the same.. I’d trade it all for what they presumably have, I did trade it all. For the pursuit of love. Whatever that may be.
Is there no possession worth having more..?