Though last year saw the Misra Records released “hits” collection, These Are They Days Gone By, Mind Glitter is The Motel Beds’ first new album in three years. Which may not seem long until you notice that they released five albums in the three years between 2009 and 2012. Which makes Mind Glitter pretty special. Starting an album as soon as the latest one’s final tracks are done (guitarist Derl Robbins, who also helped record the last few Guided By Voices albums, records the band himself), they’ve had 36 months to throw out hooks, choruses, puns and bad jokes, and then try them all out in front of live audiences. What materialized with Mind Glitter’s songs are some of the most varied and beautiful the band has laid down yet. Highlights are scattered all around with “Open Ocean” kicking off to waves of acoustic guitar and drums, the gorgeous Beach Boys harmonies of “Queens for the Summer,” the airy psychedelic drone of “Paper Trees,” the unrelenting, fist-pumping riff from “Live City,” the pure 90s-ness of the breakdown on “Set Ender,” and then throwing a sweaty arm around you with “We’ve Killed More for Less.” Yup. The Motel Beds are back and more infectious than ever. You won’t be able to get rid of them this time. I’m alluding to bedbugs, guys. Bad jokes! Mind Glitter will be released on 10/16/15 through Anyway Records and is available on CD/LP.

Motel Beds Paul John Paslosky – Vocals Tommy Cooper – Guitar Derl Robbins – Guitar Ian Kaplan – Drums Tod Weidner – Bass, Vocals

Theme From Tango
4 am
Open Ocean
Smoke Your Homework
Is this On

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