Juniper Hill Farm is an organic vegetable farm with 30+ acres in production. Located at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, they are minutes from Lake Champlain and thirty minutes to the high peaks, a beautiful area with unlimited hiking. The farm is on a dead end road, with no neighbors for 120 acres. In 2014, they added animals including broiler and layer chickens, hogs, and just a couple milking goats for personal consumption. They have also started a large shiitake and oyster mushroom operation which adds awesome diversity to their members plates. Juniper Farm provides for local and work-place CSA’s, wholesale accounts and several farmer’€™s markets. They feed over 350 families in their CSA and truly care about each and every one. WWOOFers are involved in most aspects of production: greenhouse preparation/work, transplanting, harvesting, washing, packing and of course weeding. Juniper has work opportunities at all times of the year, but extra help is certainly needed in summer and early fall. Several living arrangements are available including double rooms and cabins. There are also plenty of other great spots to set up camp if that suits you better. The kitchen is a good spot for relaxing, baking, cooking, processing veggies, etc. they provide vegetarian food; eggs, milk, and bread with breakfast, and a hearty lunch every day of the week.This farm has plenty to learn and take part in. With a 360 degree view of the Adirondacks, everywhere you look, you see beauty. The timing of my arrival was good, I was given a place in one of the nicer cabins, looking right into the mountains. The cabins are kind of like dorms for aspiring farmers, and whimsical travelers. I have one of each in my cabin, and I’m interested to get to know them both. After work, things get even more social. They have a beer fridge which has a keg they typically fill will something craft and local.They work us hard. There are about 10 of us here total at the moment. My first night was Eva’s last night. She is from Germany and the group is having a few drinks, playing some games, and sending her off properly. Multiple jugs and cans of alcohol and positive vibes are being passed around. It’s beautiful, Roger Allen Wade is playing in the back ground – The Chicken Song. Dice is rolling, tomorrow’s plans are being discussed, and spirits are high. The rain has stopped, colors are brighter in the trees, and the air has turned brisk, I’m changing with the season as well, I can feel it each time I look at one of the countless mountains around me. But I do miss the rain on my tent and the solitude of the deep beautiful wilderness. I’ve been here for a few days now, but I have worked and seen a lot already. They have many locations a few miles away from the main farm site. Vans and trucks for hauling, and of course tractors. One day of work at Juniper Hill Farm gives you a season’s worth of rewards. And the crew here are willing to teach. I look forward to this experience!

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