On a rainy day, at the top of a mountain, you are in the clouds. You can feel them between your finger tips. You breath the thickness in your lungs. And at your feet you see infinite root systems flowing like veins, giving extra life and energy throughout the wilderness. It was raining for about an hour while hiking my way up Owls Head Mountain, in the heart of the Adirondacks. Under a canopy of colors I was presented a patch worked blanket of fiery reds and bright yellows over top the most beautiful shades of greens you can imagine. The rain dropped lightly on my face as I happily made the 6 mile hike to the top. When the wind blows over the trees and lakes, the mountains shake as the sky rolls clouds above them. But when you are inside the clouds, at the summit of the mountain, blinded by them, the void of nothing and everything shows you the next level. It’s that infinite which reminds you it’s the journey we all must take in some form, and the destination is the great unknown. In this place it’s hard not to be inspired. It has a peace only its vastness can expand from. I love places that remind me how small I am. This use to make me feel meaningless, but now it’s starting to give me a feeling of direction.. funny.. I get that feeling now, when I want no idea of where I’m going..

Hopefully this blog can inspire you, entertain you, and maybe even give you the courage to climb your own mountain one day. Peace and love.