Before taking such a drastic step into permaculture, the road alone, and the unknown I wanted to see some family I have in Pittsburgh. I was driving through either way, and ultimately I want to accomplish multiple things on my travels. Maintaining family bonds is important to me, and my cousin Steve and his amazing girlfriend Brooke welcomed me with open arms.
I got to do some random hiking and we did the dive bar thing. It was pretty great.
Nothing planned, but totally perfect. But we also had a planned (less than perfect) event ahead of us… Dayton, you have a fantastic Renaissance Fair. If you haven’t had a chance, go. Here’s why; Steve and Brooke gave me 2 options. Renaissance Fair or the Mattress Factory. My internal battle between the art district of Pittsburgh VS sweet honey mead, sword fights and jousting in medieval times began. It honestly didn’t take long for me to choose… because of Furries!
A subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.
And one of the largest populations of Furries is in Pittsburgh, and this Ren Fair would be crawling with them! Dayton’s Ren Fair has its fair share of role players, but these freaks take it to the next level, I was too curious to say no. As we arrived I was not disappointed, every knight, princess, Viking, and elf had at least a furry tale, but as I was explaining the complexities of a great Ren Fair to first timers Steve and Brooke, the jousting was beginning! Which is one of the best reasons to go to a Ren Fair. But as we where sitting down and enjoying the day I picked up on something.. Do you remember when Dayton’s Ren Fair jousting went from fake jousting to real legit knock you off your house jousting? They even formed a national federation! The jousting is legit in Dayton, it goes on their record like a boxer. Needless to say, these knights were not at that level yet. But not the biggest deal… We still had plenty of furry’s around us in a massive landscape of merchants, stages, food, and honey mead! As I’m waiting in line for a cup of honey mead kept warm out of a coffee maker, like in Dayton, I realize I don’t see any honey mead! Much less any Vikings drinking it from horns! Strike 2. Ugh. At least the sword fighters will redeem the day and my group will have something to take from this. In Dayton, the sword fighters are the best attraction, Two stuntman that have been fighting each other with swords for around 10 years. They are funny, exciting, and very entertaining. As we are walking the stages and looking through our guidebook, we see sword fighting is not even an option. Sigh…. grBrooke was right, we should have went to The Mattress Factory. But then, as we were walking out slightly defeated, Steve realizes he is walking on a kissing bridge with the love of his life, so he grabs Brooke, gives her a kiss, and reminded us all, its about the journey. We relaxed after that, finished up with the fair, went home and played SORRY.

Sunday morning the whole family got together and my Aunts and Uncles welcomed me into their home for one last delicious Italian meal Before I left for the Adirondacks.


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