Simply put, Trail and Error is a blog about learning permaculture, the great American outdoor road trip, and my ongoing trials through this adventure. Before I can begin I need to say this; Without my family’s support this trip would have not taken place. Thank you to everyone that helped me through this transition.

-My cousin Naser, his girlfriend Danielle, and my dear friend Laura. without the three of them, and our board game battles of SORRY during the planning stages of this adventure, it may have never taken off! And for being closest to me during a very difficult time.

-My uncle John and aunt Terri, treating me like their own son and standing right behind me during my travels.

-My uncle Chris and aunt Becky, waiting to greet me with open arms after my travels when or if I come back home to Austin Texas.

-My bosses over at Mound Technologies, for understanding, supporting, and keeping the door open for me as a career to work remotely with, or come home to.

-The Gem City Podcast, together we built something great, Met so many awesome people, and learned a lot about our city while helping spread it’s light. Thank you for continuing to promote local community! And being some of my closest friends.

-The family and friends looking after my lil dog Sammy girl! Man, I’m gonna miss her!

-Every smiling face, helping hand, and voice that contributed to me doing this.

-Everyone that told me about how proud my mother would be of me…

-And thank you to my grandmother. Who I will love and miss the most while I’m away.

I’m not sure where I will find myselfwhile trying to loose myself. But I’ve felt that place crying my name for longer than I can remember. And it’s time I finally answer that call.