The People of Dayton is a documentary film of folk journalism, filmed by Steve Bennish and David Sparks. They both join the podcast and we discuss Dayton, the good and the bad, as well as the how and the why. Much hope! We can make a difference at a local level, which will make the change at the national level. This will take the collaborative effort from all residents, from all of… The People of Dayton.

The Rubi Girls are based out of Dayton, Ohio. They have traveled from shore to shore and everywhere in between to raise money for HIV research and education. Presently, they have raised over $1,000,000!

Who would believe that in the conservative Midwest, a group of gay men in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s attract sold-out crowds to their charity-driven, comedic drag performances? Known throughout Ohio as The Rubi Girls, this dynamic, close-knit troupe of professional men has been performing since the late 1980’s. Comprised of elementary school teachers, a clinical counselor, a filmmaker and business owners, the group began performing for one another in an attic during college. What started on Rubicon Street has grown into a frenzy for seating arrangements upon the announcement of a show.