On the fringes of the jam band scene, local rock quartet Grover, blending funk, soul, and jazz, is a down and dirty rock band that comes across unpolished and “garage” as much as they do highly-skilled, almost veteran. Their music is fresh and fun, energetic and playful but with a mission.

The guitar reverbs and bass lines groove like funk, the vocals are soulful, and the solos take the songs to …a higher plane. Because even with much improvisation, every note has a purpose. Together, the funk rockers blast a sound that defies a single genre or even a fusion.

A Grover song never sounds the same twice. Improvisation during their pieces is about “keeping it fresh” and creating a “loose feel”. What evolves are freewheeling and confident party jams and ballads that are lush and sensual.

Their influences range from The New Mastersounds, The Black Crowes, to jazz saxophonist Cannonball Adderley, to jam bands like The Grateful Dead and Phish.

The name Grover sounds gritty, funky and dirty, kind of like our music.

-Megan Bachman (YSNews.com)

Michael Bisig – Saxophone | Flute | Add. Instruments

Terry Butts – Drums

Jeff May – Guitar | Vocals

Tommy Emmrich – Bass

Website:  www.GroverBand.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/GroverBand

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