Long time friends and musical collaborators from Beavercreek, OH Matthew Frasier and Ryan Jones are the ones who created…

The Idea… In the summer of 2007 Matt approached Ryan with a self recorded EP proposing that the two work together to revamp various tracks for his upcoming solo release; As work began, the concept changed, the name grew and… God Bless and Asher Jones was born… In a basement studio consisting of a lap top, a toy mic and two notebooks, the repertoire of rented beats and free tracks grew and on June 3’rd, 2008 at One Eyed Jacks near the campus of Wright State University in Dayton, OH they booked… The Show… Their first of many to draw the attention of musicians, skeptics and fans alike, particularly local event promoter/DJ/entrepreneur Dj Philly Phill of Philly Phil Entertainment. The three fused a bond and began the arduous task of promoting, performing and creating… The Album… Dichotomy(2008), recorded at Manimal Records in Cincinnati, OH put a tangible sound to what had thus far been a crude example of their musical process. With something for the fans to hold and hear, God Bless and Asher Jones set off on a Philly Phill inspired run of shows that inspired… The Band… In 2012 the duo entered Truth and Triumph’s Battle of the Bands at Blind Bob’s Bar in Dayton, OH. Although they had entertained the idea of fusing their sound with the power of live instrumentation before; the battle of the bands was the spark that led to them to other members. Jacob Oxley(guitar), Aaron Reece(bass) joined God Bless and Asher Jones as the battle progressed and by the end the band was almost fully formed. The last piece, Marques Mcconnell(drums) came shortly after and GbandAJ was born.

facebook page facebook.com/GBandAJ

email address GB.AJ.band@gmail.com

https://youtu.be/Z781ZqXc420 – GbandAJ – Bring It Back

https://youtu.be/h-6_51D9NYA – GbandAJ – Birthday Show