Louie Wood Jr. joins the podcast with Reyna Spears to discuss his many annual shows, and the Dayton music scene. His primary and upcoming show is Dayton Does Dayton Music Festival #4! Located at Gilly’s, downtown, 132 S Jefferson Steet. FRI and SAT Feb 13th & 14th. $7 per night, with free parking. 7:00pm sharp start time on both nights. Presented by Louie Wood, (who Joins the podcast and tells us more than we could have asked for about one of dayton’s music festival gems!) and Mick Montgomery/Canal Street Concerts.

Dayton Ohio bands at this event will be doing their originals, and unique covers/spins of other Dayton Ohio bands that have influenced them, both from the past and present. The covers include international hit songs, local hits, and local favorites.
30-34 minute set per band, with short ten minute wait in between each band/performer.

Dayton Does Dayton is proud to announce that “The Dayton All Stars” will be performing on one of the nights of Dayton Does Dayton at Gillys downtown, Febuary 13th and 14th. Some members of this group include members of The Ohio Players, Slave, and Lakeside! Keep tuned in for the full schedule in the days to come.

Hosted by:

RevCool, Art Jipson, Don Thrasher, Jimmy Cumming, and a SECRET GUEST MC
Featuring live band performances and more by:
Gathering Mercury
Cinder Home
The Repeating Arms
William The Accountant
The Broken Lights
Dark Backward
The Leap Years
Free Fall Theory
Libby Gill
Emma Woodruff And The Ruffians
the Curious Sound
Reyna with Dana Farley
Paradijm Shift
Curse of Cassandra

Paige Bellar
Dave Frickin Berry with Adam West
Kevin Heider and band.
The Fire Lillie’s BellyDancing Presentation (FRI NITE)
Miss Theresa Burlesque Presentation with Veronica Laine(FRI NITE)
This is a DJ Mister Kid Presents.MidWest Promo/Mick Montgomery/Canal Street Concerts Annual Event
Concert Concept by Rich Reuter
Facebook: Louie Wood Jr
Sponsored by:
Marion’s Pizza
Dayton Most Metro
Thai 9
Brixx Ice House
Fifth Steet Deli
Go Cupcakes
Decoy Art Studio
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